Insurance & Coverage

  1. What is life insurance?

    Think of life insurance as one of the antidotes to adversity. It protects you for life and safeguards the financial future of the ones you love in the event of death, accidents, and/or critical illnesses.

  2. What types of life insurance are available on GetAssured?

    There are 3 types: Term Insurance, Whole Life Insurance and Endowment Insurance.

  3. What types of coverages are available on GetAssured?

    There are 3 types: Death Cover, Total Permanent Disability Cover and Critical Illness Cover.

  4. What's the best insurance for me?

    That’s a great question! To get a better sense, give our Analyse tool a whirl. It helps you find the best possible insurance plan to meet your individual needs.

  5. The quotation that my financial advisor gave me and the one I saw on GetAssured are different. Is the data on GetAssured accurate?

    There are a few possibilities for this:

    1) Time Lag

    Both you and your advisor might have generated the quotation at different times, resulting in the differences due to the age calculation. The age calculation is affected by your Date of Birth (DOB) and the date on which the quotation is generated. For example, if your DOB is 6th June 1980 and you generate your quotation on 4th June 2017, your age would be 36 years old. However, if you schedule an appointment with the advisor a few days later and he/she generate the quotation on 10th June, your age would be 37 years old. Different ages have different premium amount.

    Alternatively, it could also have been because of the time needed to process and update the information on our site.

    2) Different Coverage

    Your advisor may have noted that you are undercovered in certain areas after conducting a financial needs analysis with you, and added supplementary riders that result in the premium difference.

    3) Estimated Figures Only

    All quotations listed on GetAssured are purely estimates, with the assumption that an individual is of good health without any past or pre-existing medical conditions nor do they possess any conditions which are considered high risk to an insurer, depending on that insurer’s underwriting guidelines. As part and parcel of the medical underwriting, an individual might have to undergo a medical examination to determine their health condition. Should you have any past or pre-existing medical conditions, your premium would most likely be different from what is shown on our website.

    The insurer might also have an ongoing promotion that is not reflected on the site, and the financial advisor will be able to advise you on the correct premium amount. A promotion discount on top of our commission rebates, isn’t that a steal!

    If you are still unclear, please feel free to ask your financial advisor to explain it in further details to you.

Pricing & Rebates

  1. How are premiums calculated?

    By taking into account your basic information such as your finances, dependants, and age.

  2. Is your service chargeable?

    Our tools are absolutely free. Go ahead and give it a try!

  3. How do I pay for my policy?

    You will be able to indicate your preferred payment option by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or Giro during the insurance application. Alternatively, you may ask your servicing advisor for advice on the payment mode.

  4. Why should I purchase from GetAssured? Why can't I buy my insurance from other insurance agents?

    Generally speaking, it makes no difference whether the same policy is bought from us or from an insurance agent. At GetAssured, a financial expert will team up with you and guide you along your insurance shopping journey. And here’s a secret sauce of ours to consider – you get to enjoy instant savings and receive commission rebates.

  5. What if I have a claim?

    Easy. Just look for the financial expert who helped you with your insurance and they’ll handle the rest.

  6. How does the commission rebate work?

    All policies, including ongoing promotions bought via GetAssured may be eligible for commission rebates. Bear in mind that these rebates are subjected to the insurance provider’s Terms and Conditions. If you terminate your policy ahead of time, the insurance provider may retrieve the commission up to its full amount.

  7. When would I receive my rebates?

    2 months upon receipt of premium, the rebates will be credited back to your GIRO account. Our third party provider will notify you of any rebates credited via email.

Security & Support

  1. How secure is my data on GetAssured?

    All the information provided will be kept strictly confidential and available only to persons to whom it is necessary to perform the job.

  2. I have a question not listed here.

    We want to hear from you! Drop us a note at and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.